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Sean Feely - originally from Boyle, Co. Roscommon worked for many years in construction which took him to London and thereafter to Germany. For some of his stay in Germany Sean lived with an elderly couple in Heimersheim a lovely village near Bonn – unaware of it at the time Sean was in a Homeshare programme !!! His hosts – Annalise and Konrad Moehran (now sadly deceased) were an elderly couple whose family had moved out and had plenty of space. Sean and his friend Kieran Coughlan from Tipperary lived with the Moehrans. During their time there they improved their German and experienced many beautiful Heimersheimer red wines and all the local community had to offer. It was fantastic experiences that lead to a great friendship which continues today with Kurt Moehran – their son.

Homeshare Ireland exists as a result of some forward thinking by Sean in relation to our daughters who we hope will be lucky enough to go to college in the future. He proposed the idea that our daughters could stay with an older person and help them out with housework in return for accommodation. While I did nothing to encourage or engage Sean in the idea.

It was then that Homeshare International founder Nan Maitland intervened. Sadly Nan had passed away on the 1st of March 2011. I had never heard of her before but began reading an article about her wonderful work in the Sunday Times. The article made reference to Homeshare International’s website to which I dropped the paper and went immediately to the website and learned of the concept of Home Sharing. By Sunday evening we agreed to do some research and see if we could bring Home Sharing to Ireland.

Jacqui Feely - from Dromtariffe in Co Cork has worked for many years as a qualified financial accountant and has also worked extensively abroad – New York, London and Germany. While in Germany I too was in a Homeshare programme!!! I stayed with parents of Ute Breckheimer who had been a work colleague in London. Willi and Anna Breckheimer allowed me to stay with them rent free while I attended language school in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt. It was a great way for me to use my little bit of German that I was learning as I went there without a word!!!! Anna scanned the local newspapers for me to find work and picked out an advert that was looking for an accountant with a little English!! I secured that job with a lot of English and a little German at the time!!

Due to an economic downturn I have recently been unable to secure fulltime employment as an accountant and therefore was open to the idea of pursuing starting a business. Working part time at present with Johnson & Perrott Ltd in Douglas, Cork I have been able to conduct the research necessary. Part of that research took us to Cologne to attend the second World Homeshare Congress.

Second World Homeshare Congress 01-02 July 2011 - As potential Homeshare programme starters in Cork Sean and I decided it would be an invaluable opportunity to attend the congress and meeting other coordinators was exactly what we needed to allay our setup apprehensions.
The congress was a very pleasant forum that while structured did facilitate questions and comment but more importantly allowed us the freedom to meet in a very informal way the key heads of various other countries’ Homeshare coordinators.
The willingness to openly share working models was very helpful and certainly provided the motivation to continue on our path.
The venue was lovely, the tour of Cologne brilliant and the evening meal made for a most enjoyable trip to a fantastic city. We meet some great people, had fun, learnt loads and were truly inspired to be a success story of the future.


Our Aim – we are now ready to pilot a match and test our procedures in accordance with good practice guidelines as laid down by SharedLives Plus to which we are affiliated and also Homeshare International. Once this is done the aim is that Jacqui becomes full time employed as a programme co-coordinator as we try to bring Homeshare to Ireland.

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